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Sometimes, it can be a little hard for mom to let go and let dad in. But when we asked our favorite Facebook moms to tell us about the dads in their life, well, they had nothing but good things to say about you, guys.

They dig your swaddle skills

They appreciate the little things you do

"My three girls have the best Daddy ever. When we all get home from a long day he immediately changes his clothes and wrestles, takes the girls outside, reads books, etc. The girls just adore him. This is my favorite picture. We were camping and he was taking my daughter to go take a nap."

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They’re heavy (glass wrapped in a BPA-free protective plastic) but durable, leak-free and a favorite of our fans. By screwing on a different top, they go from baby bottle to sippy cup to kids’ water bottle, so they grow along with your little one.


Their water bottles are BPA-free, durable and stand up to the wear and tear that comes with being owned by a small human who likes to throw things. Plus, lots of cute patterns!

Munchkin brand

You folks vouch for every cup they make. We trust you.

Plot twist: skip the special cups: Many of you opt for straws in regular cups instead. You’re brave souls, but you have a point: it’s simpler and more cost-effective, even if it’s a bit messy at first. 

photo credit: © Alliance /Veer
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